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03 January 2018

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A Real Client’s DIY Experience

A Real Client’s DIY Experience

Maria came to us with inspiration and determination to create the perfect arrangements for her 30th birthday party. She knew she wanted a black and white theme for the party and needed arrangements for the cocktail tables, food tables, and a grand piece for the photo backdrop wall. Here’s what she had to say about her experience becoming a DIY master!


For my first meeting, I was pretty prepared, I had my vision tied in, and I brought with me the vases I was going to use. Bringing the vases to the consultation was the smartest thing because it allowed for a true determination of the amount of flowers needed per piece. Sure enough, I had no idea that one small vase could carry so my flowers! I personally thought the small fish bowl vases would carry just four roses, well I was wrong! These bowls carried at least 20 stems of a range of white flowers; such as stock, queen anne’s lace, white roses, white tulips, hydrangeas, and greens. Next, was selecting who was going to join in on the fun with me. I chose my mom, my good friend-and very talented Andrea, and the birthday girl’s mom! With four sets of hand plus Master Florist, Rene Blanco, we figured three hours can tackle all the pieces. I paid all the flowers and blocked out a three hour slot for the classroom.


It’s DIY day! I walked into the classroom, saw buckets of flowers, and felt like I was in a field of flowers >>let the selfies begin<<. We also had mimosas and a tray of crackers and cheese! Class has not even begun, and I was already very excited! We have floral scissors, wire, lazy susans- supplies I never thought we needed. Did I mention I was a novice with flowers? Master Florist Rene is warm, inviting, and has such great energy-class was already bringing back all the warm and fuzzy feelings I would get when we would have craft dates with my family. Now, I must say, the work it tedious, and you have to be delicate because they are flowers after all.


After three long hours, I have to say, I could not feel more accomplished! I could not believe we pulled of floral arrangements looking professionally done! With guidance and listening to Rene’s step by step technique, these pieces were surely going to be a hit!


We stored all the arrangements in Miami Flower Market’s cooler free of charge, and I paid extra for the delivery of the flowers. I wanted to keep the stress to a minimum that day. The freshness of the flowers were intact. That was another thing I learned, temperature means everything for flowers. As soon as flowers were delivered, we kept them in a/c until right before the party began.


Check out our gallery of image here.


Here’s a comparison of what it cost to DIY vs what it would have cost to have these professionally designed (hint, she saved over 52% and created lasting memories!):


6-Fishbowls at $75 = $450
3-9in Vases at $125 = $375
Large piece at $450
For a total of $1,275
Here’s what Maria paid:
Floral cost = $289
Cost of Class: $375 for 4 people for 3 hours of instruction
Total cost of DIY: $ 664

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